We connect what drives you
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Connectivity is not reliable, anywhere on the planet

A big portion of the developed world remains out of reach.

Full coverage of worldwide landmass with quality broadband services is not viable using terrestrial technologies only.

non-connected people
Connectivity of population worldwide
Poor or no connectivity
Connectivity on French and German highways
Unreliable connectivity on the move leads to general exasperation
At personal level

→ Drivers and passengers experience day-to-day frustration, as they cannot have a proper call, nor reliably stream a video, nor watch a live game

At industry level

→ Car manufacturers and the transportation sector as a whole cannot progress on their vision to become digital tech companies (e.g. autonomous transportation, Mobility-as-a-Service)

We connect what drives you
Backed by leading car manufacturers, and combining cellular, wi-fi, and satellites, we will deliver fast, reliable, and secure internet to vehicles and passengers, to bring transportation into the digital era.
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